Unique partnerships power our precision.

Key Benefits for Data Partners:

  • Incremental RevenueIf your data qualifies, earn extra cash on top of your core revenue stream.
  • Easy IntegrationJust send us your raw user-generated data and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Positive User ExperienceWe don't collect PII (personally identifiable information) and only work with high-quality advertising clients.

Qualia is always looking for new data partners to better fuel our Intent Quality Decision Engine so we can best connect relevant consumers with our advertising clients.

Do You Qualify? We are interested in user generated consumer intent signals such as likes, wish lists, price alerts, opinion polls, entertainment apps, coupons, shares, past purchase history, product research, check-ins, location information and bar code scans. If you have these types of signals, please contact us because we may want to buy your data.

To discuss data partnerships, contact info@qualia-media.com