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Adotas: The Art Of Nailing The Data RFP

One of the biggest trends this year is that marketers are deciding to take their programmatic operations in house. To paraphrase Ross Perot, this is a giant sucking sound that can be heard all across Madison Avenue.

A survey this year by the Association of National Advertisers found that 31% of respondents had expanded their in-house capabilities to manage programmatic ad buying. High-profile brands including Unilever, Netflix and Allstate took their programmatic buying in-house last year to battle fraud and save money on agency fees.

In practice, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the brands are physically moving such buying in-house. Rather, they are often hiring more experienced programmatic marketers to liaise with media-buying agencies. This includes selecting the right data providers, bringing successful attribution models to fruition and more. Instead of leaning on an agency for strategy assistance, brands are beginning to lean more on the DSPs (demand-side platforms) for assistance on strategy, because the DSP teams are the experts when it comes to activating within their respective platforms.

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